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First kisses

Whoever invented kissing? Have you ever wondered that? Who, back in the dawn of human existence, decided that in order to show affection and love for each other, two people would press their lips together? Why not press other random body parts together?
Index fingers …
Cheeks …
Or, maybe the Eskimos had it right with rubbing noses. Then again, maybe not during cold and flu season …
Anyway, in my new book, The Chronicles of Casey V, (available online NOW!) Casey has a memorable first kiss with her summer crush, Zander. Check it out:
We headed around behind the stage and climbed the stairs so we were backstage. He tugged on my hand and led me till we were surrounded by the big heavy curtain. With fabric hanging all around us, he brought me closer and nestled his hand into my hair. There, hidden away from the rest of the counselors and campers, he leaned toward me and brushed his lips against mine, sending a whole new set of shivers down my spine.
It was a mind-blowing kiss, and with his hands in my hair, sort of supporting my head as the weight of his lips pushed me back, he threw me off balance. I held on to his shoulders, depending on him to keep me on my feet. I felt a little whoozy and breathless, but it was okay, because the spot where my lips and his had joined was the absolute center of my universe, and not a single other thing mattered. Just that kiss, and how intense it was, sweet and urgent at the same time.
How was your first kiss? Anyone brave enough to leave a comment about it? Was it great? Was it a disaster? I’d love to hear. After all, anything an author hears or sees is liable to end up in a book someday!
Have a great day!

Laurie Larsen