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Chatting with Tara West

Next week, the third book, Krista's Curse, in the fabulous Whispers series by Tara West comes out - and we can't wait here at Climbing Rose! Tara was kind enough to sit down with me for a while and answer a few questions. Welcome, Tara!

Can you tell us about your heroine, Krysta?
Krysta’s troubled home life has forced her to become independent at a young age. Despite the absence of her mother and her father’s alcohol problem, she tries to make the best out of life by focusing on her dreams of becoming a model. But recurrent visits from dead friends makes her life way more complicated. If it wasn’t for her two best friends, Sophie, who reads minds, and AJ, whose dreams always come true, she’d go insane.
This is the third book in the Whispers series, after Sophie's Secret and Don't Tell Mother--are there recurring characters in all the books?
Krysta’s two best friends, Sophie and AJ, are in Krysta’s Curse. All three girls are in all the Whispers books.
Do all your heroines have extraordinary abilities?
Yes, Sophie can read minds, but sometimes, other people’s thoughts, pop into her head without warning. This happens when people around her are dealing with extreme emotions, like when her math teacher was contemplating suicide in the first Whispers book, Sophie’s Secret. AJ’s dreams always come true, unless she can find a way to prevent the outcome. In Don’t Tell Mother, AJ foretells her brother’s death. She has to convince the family, mostly her skeptical mother, that her brother is in danger.
Why do you want to write YA?
My high school students convinced me to do it. When I started writing Sophie’s Secret, they would look over each chapter and give me feedback. It has been so much fun, especially since the three main characters are loosely based on my two best friends and me while we were growing up. A lot of freaky things happened to us.
What kind of books did you like reading when you were a teenager?
Actually, I don’t remember if the YA market was as popular as it is now. I mostly read my mom’s adult romance novels.
When a reader finishes a book by Tara West, what do you hope she takes away from it?
I hope she laughs. Being a teen girl is very stressful. I want my books to provide them an escape from the pressures of society and school for a while. Secondly, I hope she looks forward to the next book in the Series.
Thanks for answering my questions, Tara! I know everyone will want to snap up Krysta's Curse when it comes out next week!

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