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Another Flood (fish!) Story!

Thanks to Kim for her post yesterday!

I promised more flood stories. This one isn’t sad, it’s funny. Now that it’s over, that is… My husband and I lived in a ratty basement apartment when we were first married. We were both college students and didn’t have much money, so we took the only place we could afford. We soon found out why the rent was so cheap. Every time it rained, water flowed from the hill above us straight through the ground-level windows in the back part of the basement and cascaded under the door into our living room. If the storm was bad enough, water filled the whole apartment—sometimes almost knee deep.

The first time it happened, we’d been sleeping. I stepped out of bed in the morning…Eeekk!...right into ankle-deep water. After that, whenever it rained, we piled all our belongings, chairs, and the few pieces of furniture we owned onto the dining room table. The table was a huge old oak door on sturdy legs. Every time the radio announced a storm, we’d race home and go into emergency mode.

Sometimes even if it didn’t rain, we still got water. Like when someone watered their lawn farther up the hill. So we learned to feel the carpet beside the back door. If it was damp, we schlepped our belongings to the dining room table.

One day we heard a huge rainstorm was on the way. We rushed back to our apartment as raindrops splattered down. My husband yanked open the apartment door and raced to feel the carpet by the back door.

“It’s OK,” he said, jumping up.


He lay dazed on the carpet as water flowed all over him and the floor. He’d hit his head on the fishbowl and created another flood.

Laurie J. Edwards
Author of "Summer Storms" in Summer Loving


Kate said...

That's a funny story :L
Was the fish okay?

Judith Graves said...

Yikes and I though our old place was bad...paper thin walls and hearing your neighbours toilet noises? Not so nice....but at least our stuff wasn't damaged. ;)

Laurie J. Edwards said...

Luckily, the fish survived!

Kate said...

I was really worried about that fish! I have fishies.
Actually I haven't fed them for a while. I better go feed them...

Laurie Larsen said...

How awful! How long did you have to live there??

Laurie J. Edwards said...

Laurie, we lived there for a year until we both graduated. When we went back to campus for a reunion years later, they'd torn the place down. Thank heavens!

And Judith, speaking of paper-thin walls, we had an old lady in the apartment above us who thumped on our ceiling with a broomstick (I don't think she flew on it, but who knows?) whenever she thought we were making too much noise--which meant whenever we turned on the TV or radio, even if it was low, or typed our papers on the typewriter. Yes, no computers back then. (Well, there were computers but they were huge, & we used 1s & 0s to get them to do anything.)