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Need a “steampunk” way to get rid of old school books?

School’s over—or almost is. Are you jumping for joy?? Glad to be rid of all those schoolbooks you’ve been lugging around? Wish you could toss them into a huge bonfire? How ’bout this for a creative way to handle old textbooks?

P. Smith of the Penwiper website made this by painting the edges of the book pages with glue, then gluing the edges of all the covers to the hardened pages (leaving the top cover free) and weighting it down. After it dried, Smith hollowed it out, then painted the inside with floor wax (varnish would work too), glued cardboard inside, then covered all the surfaces with fancy endpaper (wrapping paper or even wallpaper samples would work). With a belt from a secondhand store, you’ll have a great steampunk purse.

And if you like steampunk or are into the environment, stop back tomorrow for another crafty idea. Anyone who enjoyed the fun prom dresses from trash bags and toilet paper that we posted during Prom Mania will applaud this teen who made a difference.


Blaize said...

What a cool looking purse! And much more fun than actually reading the textbooks!

Kate said...

That is a really cool purse. I'm at school so we have to give back all our old textbooks :( I want to burn them!

Laurie Larsen said...

How do you hollow out the inside?? Do you need special tools?

Laurie J. Edwards said...

Yeah, Kate, I'm with you on the burning--I always wished I could. But, yeah, you'd probably have to pay fines if you kept them to turn into a purse.

You can always get inexpensive books at library sales, used book stores, or yard sales. Old college textbooks would work. You can often get them inexpensively.

Laurie, I don't know what they used, but I'm guessing an all-purpose knife or an exacto blade would work. Getting through the covers would be the hardest part.