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Kimberlee R. Mendoza on Rock Stars and Summer Lovin'

Hello, my name is Kimberlee R. Mendoza. I’m the author of several books at the Wild Rose Press, including the Russell Family series. I’m super excited to talk about my latest venture, partnering with several of the YA authors to put together the book, Summer Lovin’ We have so many wonderful authors in the Climbing Rose line, though I’m an author, I’m excited for the release of this book. The summer journey takes the reader through so many different vacation spots, it’s sure to be a blast.

My story is called, Wish Upon A Rock Star. Robin is in love with rock star, BrodyX. She would do anything for him to notice her, but when given the opportunity to meet him, she chokes. So, instead of her dream come true summer, her family goes on vacation to a resort in the middle of the California desert.

BrodyX, a.k.a. Jake Scott, just needs to get away from all the craziness of stardom for the summer. He decides to vacation at his parent’s resort in Lake Havasu, California. There he meets Robin, a girl who is fooled by his disguise. For a moment, he thinks he might actually get to know someone without having to worry if she wants him for his star power. But when he finds out that Robin is his number one fan, he begins to shy away.

With a little bit of wishing, a tad of kissing, this pair just might find what they are wishing for.

Here is an excerpt:

The crowd roared in thundered applause. In the dark, the single chord of a guitar sounded and the floor vibrated. Red and violet lights spiraled around the room and then a silhouette appeared.

Robin’s heart shot into her throat. She jumped up and down, screaming. How surreal. Her “future husband” stood just feet away in all his sweaty glory. How did she ever get here?

“He’s so hot!” Her best friend, Cora pumped her fist in the air. “If I wasn’t already taken…”

For two glorious hours, the band Reconcile played. Robin couldn’t believe how close the lead singer, Brody X, was to her. If he came an inch closer to the edge of the stage, she could touch his black board shoes. Her head swooned. Dark, messy hair, five o’clock shadow, muscles that showed through his taut olive T-shirt…he was even more gorgeous up close. But it was more than that, wasn’t it? She’d read every article, watched every interview. They were alike in almost every way. He was her soul mate; he just didn’t know it yet.
I hope you’ll pick Summer Lovin’ up. It is sure to be a vacation worth taking.



Laurie Larsen said...

How exciting Kim! Your excerpt was great!

Anonymous said...

Loved the excerpt!