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Another Fan of Enter the Parrot

Here's what Natalie Hatch, Australian YA author and FOK (Friend of Kiki!) has to say about Enter the Parrot:

My friend Kiki Lon’s fantabulous book “Enter the Parrot” is being released this week, so in celebration I thought I’d have a look at Kung Fu and share a review of her book. You have to get it, it’s great, fast paced, two hot guys to choose from, I have it from my teenage daughters lips that she LIKES this book!

Jade isn’t the sort of girls who takes weekend shopping trips to Los Angeles. She shops at the local mall and packs her own lunch. Her friend Fazza is a Muslim girl who practices her religion and is often called napkin head. Her other friend, Alex, is an absolute Kung-fu movie junkie who spends endless weekend movie marathons of them.

Cedric (insert sigh here) is the typical blue-eyed, blonde-haired hottie who falls for Jade. He is all for saving the planet and thinks Jade is the “…most beautiful girl he has ever met.”

TF is a sexy, mysterious and muscled protector who is an absolute bad boy and makes you want your own TF. I know I want a TF. He helps Jade when asked and also falls for her.

This is a very interesting, mind-blowing book that will give you chills and melt your heart at the same time. If you like a good martial arts book mixed with a bit of the romance, this is the book. I don’t remember a time that I have been so into martial arts stories, but hey! Always expect the unexpected I guess.

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