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Great Review for Ordinary Me!

Another great review for June Sproat's fun Ordinary Me. This one is from Amanda at That Teen Can Blog:

Ordinary Me made me laugh and feel all fuzzy inside. Kate was a hilarious character. She tended to overreact at the smallest things. You'd think that this would annoy people, but Kate did it in such a way that it was funny and endearing and you ended up sympathizing with her the whole way along.
Here's the story on Ordinary Me:

While behind the wheel during driver's ed, high school sophomore Kate Sterns inadvertently foils an escaped convict's getaway. When her heroic actions land her face on the front page of the Wainscott Gazette, she thinks her life is over, and it is, at least her life as an ordinary anyway. Overnight she is plucked from the ordinaries and plopped into the "in crowd." At first Kate is in denial of her status change, but then she likes it, that is until she's labeled a snob, her locker gets trashed and one other minor thing-- she's being stalked.
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