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Enter the Parrot - Sneak Peak!

Here's an excerpt from Climbing Rose's newest release, Enter the Parrot by Kiki Lon:

Lunch time means sitting under our favorite tree, scoping out the hotties on the oval. The trees in the overlap area are highly coveted observing spots. The trees closest to the oval are of course packed with your usual assortment of The Rich and The Beautiful. You know the type, nonstreak fake tan, over-streaked hair, trendy-by-the-minute outfits, and, of course, The Laugh.

The Laugh is one of those art forms that the R ‘n B just do. Shrill, flirty, and utterly Please-stare-at-me. It’s like something Mia and her clique invented to make the rest of us feel excluded. Whatever.

Fazza and I lean against our favorite palm tree and scope out the talent. Today is football day, and that’s usually a good one. We unwrap our food boxes in silence, like we’ve been doing for the last nine years.

Fazza and I have been friends since primary school, where she as sitting in front of me with these super gorgeous red poppy hair clips in her braids. Over the next few years, we bonded over our equally nonconformist (read, not sandwich) lunch boxes (mine – rice and veggies in oyster sauce, hers – rice and
veggies in red curry) and the stupidity of WAP kids whose idea of a great cultural adventure was to one day go to England.

It was inevitable that we became friends. We’re two of the few people in this school who don’t primarily communicate in shrieks and reality TV quotes.

Suddenly, Fazza elbows me in the ribs and whispers, “Dim sum at four o’clock.”Dim sum is short for dimpled and sumptuous, which at the moment is code for Cedric Walsh, the cutest guy to ever walk across our campus. He’s a senior and a semi-pro surfer. He’s won awards and stuff. He’s got the whole California surfer look down pat, from the bleached messy hair to his Rip Curl bag, his shirttails hanging out of his pants.

He’s so cute, like Heath Ledger in that old knight movie.

When he’s around the corner and out of our line of vision, I sigh. Is it stupid to have a crush on someone who doesn’t know you exist?

Yeah, don’t answer that one.
Be sure and pick up your copy on June 19. And check back next week when Kiki Lon will be our guest blogger!




Kate said...

Great excerpt!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a terrific read!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your great review in the upcoming issue of Booklist.


Laurie J. Edwards said...

Can't wait to read this, Kiki!