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Thank you for all the support you've given the Climbing Rose Young Adult line of The Wild Rose Press. Our stories are still available on The Wild Rose Press website, however, since we aren't publishing new stories, our blog is no longer active. We thank you again for the time you spent with us and invite you to visit our Climbing Rose bookstore.

Climbing Rose Reading Group

Did you know Climbing Rose has a reading group? It's a Yahoo! loop--which means you need a Yahoo! ID to join, but that's easy--and joining gives you access to great Free Reads from our CR authors. Join today to get these great beach reads for free:

Old Flames Die Hard by Judith Graves

My boyfriend, Travis, split town--a senior year hit and run. I almost didn’t recover. Evan drew me to life. We were even going to the Harvest Moon dance together. Tonight. So why didn’t I tell Travis to drop dead, when he called, asking me to meet him…at the graveyard?
How to Get a Date for the Prom by Denise Gwen
My sister--can you say, Bridezilla?--is getting married tomorrow, the whole family's freaking out about the wedding, and nobody seems to care that my prom is a week away. I don't have a dress, a date, or a plan--but maybe a cute groomsman will solve all my problems?
My Prom Date's a Vampire by Kitty Keswick
When Wendy Stoke’s boyfriend dumps her just before the prom, it bites the big one. A pint of ice cream atop her favorite crypt seems like the perfect way to pout. But is the cemetery a perfect place to find a new boyfriend? One with his own style of bite?
The After-School Question by Kimberlee R. Mendoza
Riki loves Corey but he thinks they're just good friends. When Corey tells her he has something important to ask her after school, Riki wonders if maybe--finally!--he's going to ask her to the Spring Dance. But when Johnny Valentine barges in, will he ruin everything?
Hope to see you in the CR reading group soon!

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