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Terry Lee Wilde's Teddy Bears--Dressed for the Prom

Terry Lee Wilde, author of the fabulous Climbing Rose paranormal, Deidre's Secret is here today to share her prom experiences (sort of!):

Alas, I didn’t get to go to the prom, but instead my dad came to the high school I had just enrolled in at Beaverton, Oregon, after we’d moved there from Merritt Island, Florida, and pulled me out. Took me to Portland Community College and there, I took the entrance tests to go to college for my last two years of high school to earn dual credit for high school and college. So I missed my prom, but I never regretted it.
I did go to a military ball when I was at West Texas A & M, but that’s another story. :-)

So instead, I wanted to show off my award-winning bears who get all dressed up for fancy occasions.

Dressed in blue chiffon, Missy, the gold mohair bear is ready to dance the night away.

Sugar Plum bear, wearing a wispy pink costume for hot weather, is also a golden mohair, and is ready to sip some cool punch with her hot date.

Angel, a distressed white mohair bear, is all decked out in a white eyelet embroidered dress. Flowers are essential for any of the young ladies.

And I’ve even included the costumes of a 16th Century German couple, and what they would wear to such a gala event, if they had prom events.

Whatever you wear, have fun at the prom! Take lots of pictures, and cherish the memories! In each of my young adult books, I realized I have a recurring theme—the girls want to go to the dance with the boys of their dreams. :-) Maybe it is a secret wish that I could have gone after all!

From Deidre’s Secret, Deidre’s secret longing:

For an instant, she wanted to ask him out to the Valentine’s dance. Just for an instant. How would he view her if she asked him?

She squashed that notion really fast. He wasn’t really interested in her or just being nice. He was snoopy. He wanted to know her secret.

So would you ask a boy to a dance if he couldn’t get up the nerve to ask you? :-)Terry Lee Wilde

Thanks for sharing your wonderful bears with us, Terry!

So everybody, which bear do you think looks best? Leave a comment voting for your favorite and you'll be entered in a drawing for our next prize!

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...Another prom memory and more clues to win more prizes!


Laurie J. Edwards said...

It's too hard to choose a favorite. They're all so adorable! Terry, you are one talented lady!

E.A. West said...

They're all so cute! If I have to choose a favorite, which is extremely difficult, I'd say it's Angel. Gotta love those white roses!

Anonymous said...

Joelle Walker here...
I collect costumed bears, mostly Christmas themes, and would love to add any of your adorable ones to my brood? clan? *note to self—Google bears/groups*; however, after careful review of your lovely darlings, Terry, I am certain Ms. Sugar Plum would be greeted with wild applause and a standing ovation...oh, that's right. None of them sit anyway. Whatever.

Donna B said...

The Sugar Plum bear is my favorite. She reminds me of a fairy! So sweet! They're all adorable though!

Melanie Mastracola said...

I love the bears, they are sooooo cute. My favorite was definitely the Angel. So cute.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Joelle!!!

The bear's ARE adorable.