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Prom Horror Stories--Perfect Prom Hair

Throughout the month we'll be posting prom horror stories and asking you to vote for the one you think is the best (or worst, really!) Today's story comes to us from Seri and is guaranteed to make you cringe!

The night before the prom, I decided to darken my blonde hair a bit. I picked what I thought was the perfect shade of light brown. When I shampooed it out, EEEK! My hair was BLACK!

My mom hurried to the drugstore and bought a bottle of hair dye remover. That only made it worse. Now my hair was black with skunk-like strips of red and orange. I sat in the bathroom and bawled.

As soon as the hair salon opened the next morning, my mom got me an appointment—not easy to do since so many people were booked to get their hair done for the prom. She had to beg her hairdresser to squeeze me in.

Everyone there took turns working on me between appointments because they all felt sorry for me. They applied dye removers six times. My scalp burned like it was on fire. Finally, they said if they applied any more, my hair would fall out. When they rinsed me out and dried my hair, it was GRAY!!

By then, it was mid-afternoon. I just wanted to cancel my date and crawl into a cave for the next few weeks until school was out for the summer. But my mom refused to give me her cell phone, and she asked them to please dye my hair back to blonde. They told her they couldn’t guarantee what color it would turn out because of all the chemicals they’d already used on my hair.

Would you believe it?? My hair came out shiny—bright shiny YELLOW. Not blonde, but YELLOW like a crayon. And it was so brittle, I couldn’t do anything with it. I barely had time to slip on my gown and shoes before my date arrived. I thought about canceling, but my mom wouldn’t let me. She said my hair didn’t look too bad.

Yeah, right. Maybe compared to gray or to black with red & orange stripes. And I noticed she didn’t say it looked nice or even OK. Not good. My mom’s always one to look on the bright side. And if your own mother can’t think of something positive to say… She also didn’t hide her wince as she said it.

My date stared at me funny, but didn’t say anything about it until we entered the gym, where lights pulsed and rotated. I hoped the darkness would hide my hair color. Nope, I wasn’t that lucky.

“Hey, your hair glows in the dark,” he said, loud enough for everyone to hear. And he was right. I had FLUORESCENT YELLOW hair!

Now that's a prom horror story! Thanks, Seri! Got a horror story of your own? Send it to me at or post it in the comments.

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Judith Graves said...

Yikes! Truly scary least your hair didn't fall out - that's a bonus. ;)

I've had the orange hair experience once when I tried to go blonde at home. Never now accept my brunette darkness.

Blaize said...

LOL Judith. But brunette darkness is much better for a Goth queen anyway!

Kitty Keswick said...

Wow, day-glow... hair, been there, too. I've had every color under the rainbow, some on purpose some, well, let's just say I learned a lot of chemistry the hard way. I once turned my light brown locks orange when I used three bottles of hydrogen peroxide on my hair. I was lovingly called Strawberry Shortcake by my friends. I have my sophomore high school photo as a I feel your pain, sister.
P.S. I'm a redhead now, ironic, huh? I actually pay someone to turn my hair orange.

June said...

Really, FLUORESCENT YELLOW, really? I was platinum blonde once, oooh that was bad.

Well it sounds like it was a colorful evening!! But just like most teen angsty situations, you survived. And I'm sure you are much stronger for it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Glad it wasn't ME. I never would of gone.

Anonymous said...

I had tons of hair appointments after that before I finally got a semi-natural shade--just before I headed off for college. I haven’t touched hair dye since. You’re brave to keep trying, Kitty.


Blaize said...

Seri--glad to hear you didn't have to start college with fluorescent yellow hair! Thanks for such a great contribution to our prom mania!