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Periwinkle Way

Prom Mania month is almost over, so today we're segueing from fancy-dress prom to kick-back-on-the-beach fun. We're featuring an excerpt from Nancy Lindley-Gauthier's Periwinkle Way.
Here's the story:

When teenager Robyn looks up from snorkeling, she thinks she can see dolphins leaping in the distance. It is a beautiful place, a little beach just off beautiful Captiva Island, Florida. There are shells and wildlife. A swim across this natural, untamed beach is her one goal, the one plan she held on to through her whole, week-long vacation. It will be a wonderful, never-to-be forgotten experience, she is sure. And, Robyn's younger sister Rue is, like always, spoiling everything.

In a perfect piece of bad timing, a motorboat chugs up the beach, with a way-above-average cute guy preparing for a swim. Will his arrival makes things better or worse? Jump right in--the water is fine!

Sounds pretty good, so far, huh? Here's an excerpt:

Several moments passed before Robyn realized they were all swimming but getting no nearer the beach. In fact, the jagged tip of rock that marked the western-most edge of the little island was somewhat to their right, now.

"It's an undertow," she said in horror.

"No," Mike corrected. "It's not pulling down, is it? It's a current, that's all, taking us along the other side of the island." He sounded determined and sure.

Rue gasped. "What to do?"

"Swim," Mike said. "Keep swimming. We're going to be pushed toward the beach on the other side of the island in a minute. Don't panic, don't worry," he kept on, assuring and urging, in between the small waves. He gasped and sputtered a few times when he mistimed his urging, but he didn't stop. "Stay together, look toward that beach..."

Robyn could have swum faster, but tried to stay beside her sister. Her arms were aching.

Come back tomorrow for our Friday quiz to win an e-copy of Periwinkle Way to find out what happens to Robyn, Rue and Mike!

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Sounds like a great book, Nancy!