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One Girl, Five Guys, No Date - Part 5

I Was a Teenage Earthworm
by Bonnie Doerr (written when she was 16!)
Reprinted from the South Wind, May 7, 1965

Part five in which having reached Molers end, we at Whitings begin.

Dick—yelling. In the background, the sound of rushing water. He yelled again. “Come see. The waterfall!”

Waterfall? Relief. This had to be the one I’d been anticipating.

Dick had to be crazy if he expected me to wade through that water. But he was right. Look where I was and with whom. Sure I was after a story. But I also had the big dance in mind. You couldn’t blame a girl for trying to make the most out of an opportunity. So I waded through that flooded five-foot passage for fifty or more feet listening to the roaring water grow louder. By this time I was used to letdowns, but was not in the mood for practical jokes. Though perhaps I deserved the one I got. Dick’s waterfall was a monstrous one-foot-high deluge pouring out of a hole in the wall into our passage.

Having found the highlight of the journey, we went back through the cave as we had come in. We hadn’t seen daylight for three hours.

It was 11 a.m. when we returned to the car to remove our soaked, muddy, and frozen stiff outer clothing. Once we returned home, most of us planned to throw out our hopeless socks.

We gobbled lunch in the manner of a pack of half-starved wolves. I cannot remember ever being that hungry in my life. As I ate, I remembered Dick’s words, “You’ll lose about ten pounds,” and I thought maybe all this pain would be worthwhile after all. But wasn’t he the same guy that said there was nothing to fear? You guessed it. I’d still need a larger size prom gown than I’d hoped to wear. I was to be once again disappointed.

Under the impression that the worst of the day was over, I rode to the Whitings Neck Cave with a light heart. Oh yes, another false impression. Was there a conspiracy against me?

END Part 5

Coming Next...I dangle blindly over a 45 foot cliff. Already bruised, will I bang to the bottom with no more serious injuries? Stay tuned…


Kara Lynn Russell said...

What a fun blog! I'll be sure to recommend it to all the teens in my life (well, mostly the ones that are girls).

Blaize said...

Thanks, Kara! We love recommendations!