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More Prom Memories!

Hope everybody is paying attention to these author memories and prom pix. We don’t have any winners yet for our Guess the Author quiz, yet so put all the Prom Mania clues together - leave a comment on the Author quiz post - and win our prize!

Here's a prom memory from author Christine Marciniak:

My high school class always lost spirit week. We were not the-get-out-there-and-party crowd, I guess. In fact, our prom committee almost forgot to book a venue for the prom, so we ended up having it on a Tuesday night.

We had a bunch of kids going together in a limousine. The mother of one of the girls was in the hospital, so we asked the limo driver to take us there before taking us to the prom. It was so cool to walk through the halls of the hospital in our prom gowns and with the guys in tuxes. You could see people smiling as we walked past their rooms. And, of course, the girl’s mother was thrilled that she was able to see us all.

The dance was fun too, but honestly, the most memorable part of the night was stopping by the hospital first. It just felt good to make people happy like that.

Christine Marciniak is the author of When Mike Kissed Emma due out August 19. Visit Christine at her blog, the simple and the ordinary.

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