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I Was A Teenage Alien

Author Jane Greenhill's cover image for I Was a Teenage Alien is getting some great publicity. The cover art just happens to be featured in a Wal-Mart ad (right). Look closely at the pictures. Jane's heroine, April, is wearing a butterfly necklace, while the Wal-Mart picture is advertising necklaces at their photo shop. Check it out to see if Jane's cover art is in your local store ad. And leave us a comment if it is. Anyone who comments from now until the end of the month will have their name entered in the drawing for a charm bracelet from author Kitty Keswick.

Jane is also the author of Vortex to the Objiway. And the fabulous cover art for I Was a Teenage Alien was done by Kimberlee Mendoza, another of our talented Climbing Rose authors.

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Kate said...

That is great publicity. And I love the cover!

BJ said...

This is the coolest ever. Cover art used in an ad. Congrats to the artist and author!

Laurie J. Edwards said...

Lucky you, Jane! That picture may stick in people's minds & then when they see the book, they'll think, "Hey, that looks familiar," & pick it up. Hope it brings you many, many sales.