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Fun with Kitty Keswick! A prom accessory, an excerpt from Freaksville, & a prize!

Here's Kitty's accessory idea:

Kasey, my heroine in Freaksville, doesn't go to the prom since she's only a sophomore, but she already has her gloves. She has visions when she touches things, so to avoid getting them, Kasey wears an assortment of cool gloves. You can add a little Kasey Maxwell flare to your prom. Here's how:
  1. Purchase an inexpensive pair of white stretch gloves.
  2. Dye them to match your dress. (Or leave them white.) You can find dye in a variety of colors in most supermarkets for around $3.00. Follow the directions on the package.
  3. Add embellishments like ribbon, fur, or feather boas. (Check out all the great options at your local fabric store) Embellishments can be glued on the cuffs with washable fabric glue or sewn on by hand with a simple running stitch.
  4. Add rhinestones or buttons. You can glue them on or sew them with a simple stitch.

    Result: Instant drama that's your very own fashion statement. Invite your friends over and each make a pair to split the costs of glue or supplies. Make it a pre-prom party!!!

P.S. I saw black angel wings for sale at a fabric store website for $6.99. Wouldn't that be a cool thing to add to a Prom dress?!

Here’s a sneak peek at Kasey, heroine of Freaksville, wearing her fashion statement:

I fiddled with the fingers of my gloves making certain the fingertips didn’t sag. Today, I had on retro gloves that crawled up to my elbows. Nifty rhinestone buttons lined up on each side. I’d dyed the gloves purple to match my shirt and paired the top with black jeans and my favorite knee high black leather boots. The gloves were less noticeable when I looked the part, or so I hoped…

Josh touched the round rhinestone buttons on one of my gloves. His fingers traced the curve of my arm, trailing along the satin to my wrist. I closed my eyes and
hoped my heart wouldn’t hammer out of my chest.

“I like these. They’re brilliant.”

I opened my eyes.

He had situated himself mere inches from me. His spicy scent tickled my nose and curled my toes. Why did we have to be in a crowded hall? I wanted him to myself.

Taking my hand, he said, “You wear gloves a lot.” He made it more of a statement than a question. His thumb brushed circles on the satin.

A billion answers surged to the forefront of my brain, but I couldn’t speak as he held my hand. I pinched my lips tightly together and prayed the gloves were thick enough to block my visions. These were one of my thinnest pairs and my favorite because I still could feel textures with them. Try picking up a dropped coin while wearing gloves—not an easy task. But they still kept my fingertips from connecting with objects. Luckily, the Maxwell curse only affected my hands.


In Freaksville, Kasey’s parents give her a magical charm bracelet to ward off her visions once wearing gloves is no longer practical. Win your own magical charm bracelet, courtesy of author Kitty Keswick.

HERE’S HOW: Just leave a comment on the blog anytime in May. At the end of the month, we’ll draw names from those who leave comments. The more often you comment, the more chances you’ll have to win. And here’s an added bonus: If you invite someone else to the blog and they comment, just have them mention your name & you’ll get TWO EXTRA chances to be added to the drawing any time they comment. So let all your friends know about this contest and grab additional chances to win!

Coming Next...Friday Quiz: Match the author to her prom photo!


Kate said...

Great competition. Does this include those in the UK?

Christine said...

I cannot wait to read the book!Congratulations to my Favorite Class President...Kitt Keswick

Christine said...

I cannot wait to read the book! Congratulations Miss Class President!

Blaize said...

Absolutely, Kate! Everybody's eligible for a prize.

Judith Graves said...

Cool ideas. If you have gloves that go to your wrist, you could attach ribbons and wrap them up your arm like ballet pointe shoes…hmmm…at least I think you could…lol.

My Prom Date's A Vampire was a fun read and the excerpt from Freaksville was awesome.

Kitty Keswick said...

Thanks everyone. Kasey makes the best of her situation and turns it into a fashion statement...LOL. Oh and Kate, yeap the UK is included! After, all Josh the hero is a BRITISH hottie! Oh and I'm Co-pres with our very own Judith Graves.

Melanie Mastracola said...

I am so excited for this book! So far, from what I have read, it looks like a fantastic book. And plus Kitty is an amazing author so thats just a bonus.

I have a beautiful paint said...

Kitty is my inspiration to writing my own novel!

Melanie Mastracola said...

I love the bracelet! its so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our two winners for March 8!

Commenter Melanie Mastracola won our packet of beauty products from Salon du Savon

Commenter Kate won an e-copy of “Summer Storms” by Laurie J. Edwards, one of the stories in the Summer Lovin’ anthology coming out May 22

If you ladies send your contact information to Blaize at, we’ll get your prizes sent out immediately. Melanie we’ll need a mailing address; Kate, an email address.

Continue to win by commenting on the blog. Every comment gets one chance to win!

Laurie Larsen said...

Kitty, I love the excerpt! Well done!

Melanie Mastracola said...

I cant wait for the book to come out, Im so excited to read it!

Melanie Mastracola said...

I'll have to remember how to jazz up my prom outfit when prom for me comes around in two years. It's so exciting.