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Friday Quiz - When Proms Go Bad

You’d Think The Right Dress Would Be the Least of Your Worries

No matter what’s at stake: a gym full of vampires, a stalker, a bunch of over-dressed zombies – even these horror flick heroes/heroines take time to stress over their prom ensembles. Think you can relate? Then take our paranormal prom challenge.

All you have to do is match the quotes to the movie posters and post your answers in the comments section. Answer all correctly and be entered in a drawing to win.

Quote 1:

Character 1: You got a C-plus? I can’t believe I cheated off you.
Character 2: Excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador. Like I’m ever going to Spain anyway. Ooh! [Sees dress on rack and holds it up in front of herself]. Mmm.
Wouldn’t I look just edible and nutritious in this?
Quote 2:

Character 1: Alice lent me the dress and the cast is… [Fades off uncertainly]
Character 2: [Grinning] Perfect.
Quote 3:

Character 1: Red. I might have known it would be red. [Referring to prom gown]
Character 2: It’s pink, Mama.
Character 1: They’re all gonna laugh at you.
Quote 4:

Character 1: As fellow prom queen nominee, I want to wish you luck tonight. You're gonna need all you can get.
Character 2: You think you got it all wrapped up, do you?
Character 1: [Snearing at Character 2’s cleavage revealing dress] Well, they're certainly not propped up and on display like yours. That's for sure.
Quote 5:

Character 1: I wish it was a corsage. [Guy hands girl an ax]
Character 2: [Girl just smiles– her face spattered with blood]

Today's quiz is compliments of Judith Graves, author of the upcoming Climbing Rose paranormal Under My Skin. Post your answers in the comments section to be entered to win this fab cross bookmark.

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Kate said...

Great post. I know the Twilight one. And I've seen two of those films. So I fail the test. The Twilight one is the one that mentions Alice.

Anonymous said...

Love the bookmark!! It's so cool. Wish I watched more movies. I'll try to guess later.

Kitty Keswick said...

Awesome quiz, Judith! I know the answers but I'll let a reader play to be fair.

Eve said...

Haven't seen all of these so there are some guesses
1. Buffy
2. Twilight
3. Carrie
4. Prom Night
5. Dance of the Dead

Mallary :-0

Judith Graves said...

Wow - I totally didn't think that quiz would be that shows what a horror movie buff I really am.

Sad, no? ;)


Blaize said...

I gotta say, I only knew the Twilight one. Now if you had made it a quiz about Bette Davis movies...just ask me an All About Eve question!

Laurie J. Edwards said...

No, I think it shows that you pay more attention than most people to what you're watching. Plus if you love horror, you'll gravitate to that. I'm sure watching all those movies helps you write better horror stories.