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Friday Quiz - Kissing 101

We promised you some kissing tips this month, so here they are. One of my favorite comes from, Freaksville, by Kitty Keswick (right) when Kasey is instructing her BFF before Gillie’s first kiss:
“Okay, listen up. I’m going to tell you what to do. When the G-man goes in for the kill, relax your lips. As soon as his lips touch yours, open your mouth a little and whisper waterslide.”


“Yeah, I read it somewhere. Follow his lead. He will most likely be as nervous as you. Oh, and don’t freak out if he french kisses you. Europeans are really into that. Make sure you brush your teeth and carry lots of breath mints. Most importantly, relax and don’t think about it. It’s fun.”
Now are you ready for a little kissing fun? Here’s our kissing quiz:

Only 2 more days until we announce the winner of Kitty Keswick’s charm bracelet. Here’s one more chance for you to comment:

What was the best advice on kissing you ever received? Share a kissing tip, tell us how you scored on the quiz, or just comment on any of our Prom Mania blogs. Each comment, nets an entry in our drawing. Winner will be announced June 1st.

Coming Next...Stop back tomorrow for the two final days of Prom Mania and your last chance to win our Guess the Authors quiz. We’ve given you some clues throughout the month, see if you can put them all together.


Judith Graves said...

Cute quiz...and waterslide - OMG - haven't heard that excerpt!

Kitty Keswick said...

LOL...thanks... I made it up.
(Shhh don't tell.) I was looking for a word that got the lips moving and waterslide seemed to fit...

Look in the mirror and say it slowly , you'll see.

Kasey and Gillie (BFF's in Freaksville) have their own language it just worked...