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Free Read! My Prom Date's a Vampire

Fab author Kitty Keswick has a free read for us today. Kitty’s the author of the Freaksville series, and the first book in the series, Freaksville will be out on January 8, 2010. Kitty's already hard at work on the second book in the series, Furry and Freaked.

Kitty's fun free read is called, My Prom Date's a Vampire, and here's what it's about:

When Wendy Stoke’s boyfriend dumps her just before the prom, it bites the big one. A pint of ice cream atop her favorite crypt seems like the perfect way to pout. But is the cemetery a perfect place to find a new boyfriend? One with his own style of bite?
After you read My Prom Date's a Vampire, catch up with Kitty at her website, watch her cool booktrailer for Freaksville, check out her Wolfy Chicks blog...and be sure to come back tomorrow when Kitty will show us how to make a fun and funky prom accessory!

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...A cool prize from Kitty Keswick and details on how to win an excerpt from Freaksville.


Kitty Keswick said...

This was such a challenging story for me to write. I thought, 'hey writing a short story will be easy, less words...'Wrong! Having only 3000 words was tough, but I had a blast writing it. I really love Matt and Wendy. I hope you do too.

Anonymous said...

Neat Story.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Kitty,
Finding a boy friend in a cemetery, now that is different. Sounds like a great story.