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Free Proms Gowns Anyone?

Like a Fairy Godmother, the Cinderella Project seeks to get every girl to the ball…

Gowns, accessories, not to mention hair and make-up can make prom night an expensive impossibility for some.
Years ago, The Cinderella Project was created to help make dreams come true. After all, the prom is more than a dance; it's the celebration of years of hard work in school and a party to share with friends who have all struggled through classes together.

More importantly, it's about finding the self-esteem to really shine.

Prom night is made more affordable by the efforts of the non-profit Cinderella (and similar) groups that try to make a nice selection of gowns and accessories available for those who might not easily afford them. They accept new & gently used donations, and set up a store for students to peruse throughout the year.

Interested in donating – or finding a gown?

Under the broad heading of Cinderella Project, this program works out of many local/regional centers. There are far too many to list a link for every state here, but a quick online search using the term Cinderella Project and your state will narrow the field for you. And, The Cinderella Project is by no means a stand alone. Wikipedia has a great reference list of charitable prom organizations along with information on several different groups.

Article by: Author Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, whose e-book Periwinkle Way is available from The Wild Rose Press. Her newest Climbing Rose release, Spinning the Baiji, a romance that involves saving the rare Chinese river dolphin, will be out in October 2009.

Coming Next… Free prom dresses in Canada and great free jewelry designs for everyone


Kitty Keswick said...

What an awesome program!!! Prom is such a rite of passage, a milestone in a girl's high school life. I think it's absolutely wonderful to see programs like the Cinderella Project out there. For one day, every girl deserves to have a fairy tale. I just googled Cinderella Project and was floored by the amount of hits I recieved. Yah! For all the fairy godmother's arcross the globe! You,rock.


BJ said...

Oh how I wish we'd had a Cinderella project when I was in HS. I remember my grandmother struggling with every movement of her arthritic fingers to sew my gown. It took weeks. But it was gorgeous and one of a kind. I just wish she hadn't suffered so to make me happy. I hope I made it clear how much I loved her and the beautiful dress.
Now girls have a community of fairy godmothers to get them to the prom in style. Awesome!

Blaize said...

BJ, that is such a sweet story about your grandmother! I hope you sent in a picture for us all to see your dress!

Anonymous said...

Tear in my eyes over that story.