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who would have thought...

April 20


Who would have thought when I attended a ½ day writing seminar it would unleash the monster within.

I’ve always loved writing. English class was a breeze because there wasn’t any ‘right’ answer and the more you wrote on an exam the more of a chance you had to get it right. Now math was my downfall because you had to know what pi was and obviously it wasn’t something yummy.

Anyway after I attended the writing seminar, I went home and over Spring Break wrote a 75,000 word story entitled Shot thru the Heart. I sent it out to agents and publishers and waited for the calls to come. Well, the calls came via email and they were polite, but negative, other than the one I received from an agency in Toronto who said they would let me know in 6-8 weeks because they let everyone in the office read it, well, they emailed back the next day saying they wanted the entire story. Aries, that I am, I sent it right off and although they wanted to meet with me and shopped my story around, nothing came of it.

So back to the journals I went—yes my first story I wrote in long hand, then retyped it on a computer.

But I was determined and I joined on-line critique groups and took on-line courses.

Then I got another email.

From Lori at The Wild Rose Press.

They wanted Booty Call for Murder.

Seven contracts later, I still remember where I was. I was at our cottage, looking out over our crystal clear lake, a loon searching for her mate calling in the background. My husband and youngest son were out fishing. My oldest son was in the cottage with me, an almost-teen who when I read the email summed it up nicely:

“Way to go mom. You did it.”

So I ask, where were you when you had an earth shattering moment, a proposal, or job offer which turned your life around?

I was Teenage ALIEN--out April 22/09

1 comment:

Blaize said...

Wow--a 75,000 word story over Spring Break! Jane, that's amazing--you must have been on fire.

And I'm with you, give me English class over Math anyday.