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My biggest supporter

I’ve always loved police work, and grew up a huge fan of Nancy Drew. As a teen, I don’t remember too many cop shows on television, not like today where every night of the week unleashes another hour of blood and guts.

My first job out of high school was a civilian at a police department near the Toronto Airport. It was a fun job for an 18 year old and the men in uniform were handsome.

One especially caught my eye and we’ve been married for twenty-five years.

People ask me how could I marry a cop, don’t I worry about him, worry he won’t come home one night. When you love someone, you support them in what makes them happy and he’s happy being an officer, helping others and making a difference.

In answer to their question, no I don’t worry. I do however make sure when he leaves the house, I’ve kissed him good bye and I don’t let him leave the house if we’ve had a disagreement. I’ll apologize, even when I know I’m right because when he’s at work I want him to concentrate on his job, not on the problems at home.

We support each other and he’s a huge supporter of my writing career.

He makes sure the boys are fed and dinner is on the table so I can keep writing.

He gives me ideas for my characters in my books and corrects the forensics mishaps that I’ve made (who knew you couldn’t get fingerprints off of a certain material) which he pointed out to me when he proof read The Cobra Murders—coming in May from TheWild Rose Press.

So I ask you who is your biggest supporter and how do you in turn support them?


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to hear about how your husband is a policeman and that you used to do police work. I bet that helps to make your mysteries authentic.

That's also a great idea to apologize before he leaves for work. Sounds like you have a wonderful marriage.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your books!!