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My story in progress

My latest work is titled Vampire Dreams, an urban fantasy. This is the first of three in The Vamp Series. The story is about high school senior, Adela Malbec, she is at a pivotal point in her life and about to discover what’s been missing.
Adela is her elderly parent’s ‘everything’ so she hasn't made many friends. It’s just the three of them and her reclusive Auntie. Even though she seems to live the same life as other teens, Adela is not the same. She has always known she was different, but the diet that she and her Auntie live by is the most difficult part to accept. The other abnormalities have been explained to her by Doctor who lives overseas and specializes in her type of ‘condition’. Against her parent’s wishes he pulls them out of their denial and tells Adela is that she has repressed the fact that she is a vampire and will only know the truth about herself by living like one.
And some things have happened recently that have made Adela want to find out more, like the new Bennett family that everyone is trying to figure out, mysterious, distinctive and one of them very alluring. She’s drawn to them and intends to find out why, especially concerning Clayton Bennett aka vampire soon to be boyfriend. What she discovers is many of their habits are much like her Auntie’s, and that they know her Auntie, and that none of this is an accident.
Adela has a forgotten past. The first few years of her life are lost to her due to a traumatic incident involving a horrible vamp who changed her at a young age and left her for dead. Her Auntie, who is not her real aunt, was the one who found Adela and connected with the underground communication system for medical assistance. Doctor Bennett was the vampire to respond and helped save Adela, but with only one choice, for her to become like them. Once Adela healed well enough to travel Auntie flies to Michigan where Adela’s parents are now living, wanting to get away from the memories and go back to where they came from. Auntie’s hope is that she may be able to join the three of them together again.
Once Adela finally finds out the truth about her past, and the real connections she has with everyone, the vamp from her past comes back to haunt her. He returns to finish the job he started all those years ago, a time she doesn’t remember. But when he arrives all the nightmares come back to her and it’s a run for her life. But Adela is saved by the Bennett family and her Auntie joining forces to outsmart the killer and keep her safe.

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