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My inspiration for writing young adult

When I decided that I wanted to write YA, I did my research by reading lots of YA books. The amazing thing about YA is the diversity. I read a lot of the Gossip Girl books and was struck by a realization.
Although the girls in the series appear, on the surface, to lead shallow, empty lives--drinking, drugging, shopping, backbiting--they also seem, to me at least, to be lonely. Their parents are not really there, or if they're present, they're not really focusing on their daughters. And the girls are serious, they attend interviews at the Ivy League schools, so you know that they're smart girls, too. There's an underlying sadness to the girls' lives, a quality that I saw in Candace Bushnell's early stories of Sex and the City. In the novel Sex and the City, you see Carrie's pain and tremendous loneliness and you also recognize the fact that Mr. Big will never, ever marry her. In the TV show, though, that undercurrent of loneliness gets buried in the couture-clad girls' seemingly happy lives. I have noticed this on both the Gossip Girls TV show and in the Sex and the City TV show. There is something in the written stories that gets lost in translation to the small screen.


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Very insightful post, Denise. Thanks!

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Enjoyed your posts this week, Denise.