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My idea for House of Wacks

My idea for House of Wacks evolved over a long period of time. I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and lived in B-town at the time that the film crews arrived to film Breaking Away, a quiet film that became a sleeper hit. I had the idea at first of writing a story where the female heroine, who lives in California and is trying to break into show business, flies out to B-town to work behind the scenes on the sequel to Breaking Away. Then I thought to actually write the sequel to Breaking Away, by setting the story twenty years later and basing it on David Stohler's baby sister (at the end of the movie, the mom is pregnant and I decided that the baby would be a girl).
Well, I couldn't sell either novel. I was sitting up in bed one night and fretting about it, when my husband said, "Well, a movie about a bicycle race is kind of boring, why don't you write a story about the making of a horror film?" What a good idea!
I love movies and the remake of House of Wax had just come out. I bought a DVD and I must have watched that movie at least forty times. Paris Hilton is in it and she turns in a pretty good performance! Elisha Cuthbert is also in it and she's the real star of the film. She's a really charming actress. I also watched the special things that they show, the deleted scenes, etc. There was also a really fascinating part where they showed how the special effects were handled. Really a fun movie. So I created the fiction that the House of Wax franchise was such a success, that they started making sequels. And this particular sequal, number nine, Return of the Revengenator, is being filmed in B-town. The story took off from there.


Blaize said...

I love how your book idea evolved over time, Denise--that's so cool! And I love the movie Breaking Away, too. My favorite part is when he goes to the sorority house to serenade her with the Italian aria!

Denise Gwen said...

Yes, I love that scene, too!