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Chatting with Denise Gwen

Since Denise, is our guest blogger this week. I thought it would be fun for everybody to learn a little more about the author of House of Wacks, so I'm throwing our five questions at her:

Denise, why do you write YA?

I have discovered that YA seems to be the best fit for me as a writer. The “rules” in YA are different from traditional romance novels, and within the rules there is a great deal of flexibility, which I really like. You don’t have to follow a set formula; you can write your own story. That has the most resonance for me.
Besides writing, what’s your favorite creative outlet?

Right now, I’m addicted to Sims Life Stories. I love, love, love playing the Sims, and when I finish a manuscript I like to play a few days of Sims before starting on the next story. In Sims Life Stories you start out with a Sim and you interact with her through her entire lifetime. Some people might find that depressing, that a character eventually dies, but by the time my Sim reaches the end of her lifeline, she’s gotten married, worried at a career, raised two Sim kids (the game only allows you to have four Sims in a single household at a time), and maybe, in her later years, even written a novel! The funny thing about the writing a novel part, the Sim will write a novel in, oh, three Sim days. And then instantly the novel gets published and she earns royalties. There are some things in the Sim world that are better than in the real world.
What kind of books do you like to read?

I just finished reading Revolutionary Road and loved it. Prior to that, I read the entire Stephenie Meyer Twilight series. When I was preparing myself for writing YA, I read a lot of YA novels. Joyce Carol Oates wrote a lovely YA called Freaky Green Eyes. I am now reading Philip Roth’s When She Was Good. I read his Goodbye, Columbus, years ago, as well as Portnoy’s Complaint, but I haven’t read all of his work. I also really enjoyed a book called Things That Were Lost, by a British novelist. I can’t recall her name, but it’s her first novel. I like to read just about everything.
What’s your favorite kind of music?

I have watched Twilight in movie theatres three times and I am besotted with Robert Pattinson. And I love the music from the film, so right now, that’s all I listen to, the movie soundtrack to Twilight.
If you were going to a costume ball where you had to dress up as your favorite movie character, which character would you choose and what outfit would you wear?

Well, since I’m a Twilight nut, I would dress up as Victoria in that funky white fur jacket she wears and the wide-leg jeans and boots. I could also see myself going as Sylvia Plath, in a proper pencil skirt, penny loafers, twinset and pearls, minus the gas oven.
Thanks for chatting with me, Denise! Loved your answers and I'm looking forward to more of your posts this week!


Anonymous said...

That is the beauty of writing YA. That's what chick lit gave writers and when it went on overload, many took the opportunity to write YA and that's very appealing.

Enjoyed the interview.

Anonymous said...

What a great interview, Denise & Susan!!