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I Was a Teenage ALIEN--now available!

Of all the books I’ve written I Was a Teenage ALIEN is my favorite. It’s a joy to an author when you’re spending over 50,000 words writing about a character that you fall in love with her. Oas was such a character. She took over and wrote herself.

She in turn opened a lot of doors for me. I’m a secretary at a high school outside of Toronto and they offer a creative writing course for the Gr 12’s. I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker on Thursday to discuss dialogue and general writing questions.

Well today I did the lecture. What an awesome group of kids. If these kids are our future, rest assured we're in great hands. In the book, Oas's hero is Peg Bundy from Married...with Children. I said to the group "I should have had her channelling Kelly the hot teen. One of the students raised her hand and said "Maybe because she wasn't getting attention from her mother, she was searching for a mother figure." I was floored. She was reading more into my character than I could have imagined. Then another student volunteered to read the first page.
The room was quiet as she read it. I teared up.

It hit me.

I am a published writer.

Yikes. After 7 contracts, it hit home. My dream had become reality. So after I dried my tears and got 'awws' from my support team, which was how I began to view the students we began to discuss dialogue. Dialogue is fun to write. It’s fast, quick paced and you can get your point across without tying the reader down to paragraphs of description.

But it’s hard. Hard to make it sound natural while still getting the point across.

Internal and external dialogue together create an interesting mix. Here’s an excerpt from my paperbook out this week entitled I was a Teenage ALIEN:

"You're so lucky having your best friend live so close to you. Mine lives on another planet." Oh stars, what did I just say? Why is it as a humanoid I can't control my mouth?

"You're right, Nic, she is really funny and cute, too," Josh said.

He looked sideways at me, and I got really warm. Maybe that's what she meant when she said Josh had the hots for me. He did make me warm. Funny how I could feel hot, though, when my skin looked like a chickens, all covered in small bumps.

He stopped in the middle of the cement and turned me around to face him. He reached forward and touched my nose. So I did what any ananoid would do, I slapped him. Not nearly as effective as when I used my antenna, but it had the same result.

Oops, I don't think I was supposed to do that. I might have put his nose out of joint.

"What the snap was that for? I was just wiping a bit of ice cream off your nose. Man you pack a wallop." He bent over with his head in his hands, causing his ball cap to fall onto the ground. I bent down to pick it up, figuring it was the least I could do, and realized I'd made another mistake.....
Here’s another example. This time from my book entitled Vortex to the Ojibwa available to download from The Wild Rose Press:

“This dial up service sucks big time,” I whined to anyone who would listen, but unfortunately the only ears belonged to my brother Bobby and the ears in question were large, dumbo sized. He, of course, had his stupid head stuck in a book.

See what I was forced to put up with.

A brother who reads over summer vacation. Why couldn’t I have a cool brother, like my friend Eve? Her sib Samuel was a lifeguard and camp counselor and the love of my life.

Too bad he didn’t know I existed.

So via dialogue, post me an example of a favorite character you’ve come across in a book.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Jane! I loved the part about your emotional reaction to hearing the story read. Hope you get lots more chances to talk to classes and see their reactions to your book.


impossiblewriter said...

Yay! You're a published writer!! :) That's awesome; I know my reaction was pretty much the same as yours! :)

God bless you on your writing journey!

Taylor J. Beisler