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Guest Blogger Laurie Larsen

I'm excited to welcome Laurie Larsen as my guest blogger next week. Laurie has an awesome book coming out this summer, The Chronicles of Casey V.
On the bus, on her way to her first-ever summer job, Casey V is totally excited. And scared to death. First-time jobs are intimidating enough, but she'll be spending the whole summer out of state. Living in a cabin in the woods in charge of the safety and well-being of a bunch of homesick little girls. Yikes! Will this be the most awesome summer of her life or the biggest mistake in her entire sixteen years?

Can't wait to read your posts next week, Laurie, but in the meantime, tell us a little about yourself:

Why do you write YA?
Two reasons: one, because although Chronicles of Casey V is my first YA novel, it’s my fifth published novel. My first four were written for adults, but I always have either a child or a teenager in the story. In my fourth book (Preacher Man, released by Wild Rose in January) there was an entire subplot featuring a bunch of teens and I had so much fun writing them that I got inspired to write an entire book about and for teens. The other reason is, I love to read well-written books for teenage girls. I love the fun tone, the humor and the subject matter. I was kind of shy in high school and I love reading and writing about girls who are a lot more confident and fun than I was at that age!

Besides writing, what's your favorite creative outlet?
Almost all my favorite activities are creative in nature. I love to sing, read and watch movies and plays.

What kind of books do you like to read?
Oh my gosh, I have so many. My favorite author of all time is Pat Conroy, a southern epic writer whose books are generally really long and cover a long period of time in a family’s life. His writing just grabs me, sucks me in, leaving me feeling fulfilled, inspired and always wanting more. I like the courtroom dramas like John Grisham writes, I love the whole Harry Potter series and have read them all numerous times. I like an occasional mystery, but I’d say most of all I love to read romance and women’s fiction about everyday women and the challenges they face with their families and other relationships. And, as I said before, I really enjoy YA fiction.

What's your favorite kind of music?
I enjoy Top 40 pop music – anything I can sing along with. Although my favorites are still those artists I listened to as a younger person, when I’d buy their albums, play them over and over and memorize the words so I can sing along at the top of my lungs: Billy Joel, Elton John, Carpenters and Barry Manilow! J

If you were going to a costume ball where you had to dress up as your favorite movie character, which character would you choose and what outfit would you wear?
Great question! Well, I mentioned my fanaticism for Harry Potter so I would dress up as a HP character – a fun one, let’s see – oh! I know: I would dress up as the reporter Rita Skeeter from Goblet of Fire dressed in her blonde curly wig, eyeglasses down on her nose and the pad of paper and pen in her hand.

Thanks, Laurie!