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Great Review for Deidre's Secret

Snapdragon at Long and Short Reviews gives Deidre's Secret two thumbs up! (well, 4 out of 5 books actually):

Most of the dialog is zippy and offers insight into characters. Deidre is a strong, funny, and interesting character, and some secondary characters are also super. Auntie Mae - from red hair to orange lipstick, absolutely leaps from these pages. The level of action slides from fast-paced to more reflective, and back. The ho-hum of school contrasts nicely with the moments of sheer terror.

Overall, Deidre's Secret is funny, original and steadily builds intrigue throughout. It certainly engenders a bit of sympathy for those who might not quite fit in.

This is a powerful and engaging story and has more than enough to
interest an adult reader, as well as young adults. 4 books.

Read the whole review.

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