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Four Letter Words & Green Teens

Meet my task master, Itchy.
He's in get-busy-tail-wagging stance (doggie finger waggling)
by my idle computer on a Miami friend's dining table. There's no rest for the weary traveler...

It's a pleasure to join you here this week on the Climbing Rose Weblog. Weblog or web log? However one writes it, it's not the preferred term. But I refuse to use the bl-- word. To me, bl-- sounds harsh. As if it's an addition to the dreaded four letter word list. I'm trying to come up with another term. Bog doesn't sound much better, does it? Ideas? Please share.
As happy as I am to be with you this week, I can't imagine creating a regular bl-- no matter what I call it, or where I post it. Well, maybe...if I only shared my preferred reality--pleasant events--stories that news junkies assure us don't "sell." Don't you think positive, uplifting news is the kind we need to hear these days though? To keep news off that four letter word list? After all, the good stuff hasn't all disappeared: the symphony of song birds, the sudden burst of blossoms on the wild cherry, the daily thrust of green shoots through brown, soggy leaves, the blooming anticipation of a mysterious bulb. Spring break! Welcome to this month in my North Carolina reality.

It's great to be a writer. I can edit my reality:

  • Happy endings--always.
  • Love heals--every ill.
  • Good conquers--all evil.
  • Polluters and destroyers make amends--no matter what it costs them.

Which reminds me of Laurie Larsen's post last week. You Gen Y'ers out there--in addition to your many other admirable characteristics that put us ancients to shame--I like to think you have a passion to protect the environment. You know, the one we messed up. Ecological passion is an underlying theme in much of my writing. It's reflected in two of my books to be published by The Wild Rose Press. In both Island Sting and Turtle Dog, teens in the Florida Keys clean up their environment and wage war on criminals who are destroying endangered species.

I spent the month of February in the Florida Keys researching, studying, writing, and promoting my work. Later this week, I'll share some of my adventures, as well as tidbits about an adorable endangered species that lives in a limited area of those unique islands.

I want to hear from all green teens out there. Tell me what you're doing in your family, community, school, or church to live green and/or otherwise care for our environment. I'll collect green teen stories and photos to share on my website and/or newsletter. That's the kind of post I look forward to writing. Good news.

Bonnie J. Doerr
Intrigue, Treachery, and Intrepid Teens

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Blaize said...

Great post, Bonnie! And I love the picture of Itchy (hope you didn't name him that because he has fleas :)

Hey, how about e-log instead of blog? We could start a trend!

Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, Bonnie. You've touched on a subject close to my heart. I'm not a teen but I have a teenage niece and nephew (that doesn't seem possible, but that's a whole other blog) that I've tried to encourage in recycling, walking more, etc. So far, my efforts haven't paid off but I'm hopeful.

Lani said...


You go girl! I will forward this blog to friends and relatives with teens.

BJ said...

Hey Blaize, I like your idea! E-log? Yup, it fits nicely with email. I think I'll use it.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! And writers are lucky to create their own reality...