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Fangirl Moments

Have you ever had a fangirl (or fanboy, for those among us of the male gender) moment?

Wikipedia definition of “fangirl”: a female member of a fandom community (as opposed to the masculine "fanboy"). However, it is most often used in a derogatory sense to describe a girl's obsession with something.

For the purposes of this blog, we will just ignore the derogatory part and use Laurie's definition: a fangirl moment is when a normal, everyday female encounters someone in the celebrity realm, which brings on a “OMG!” sensation, usually accompanied by increased heart rate, shortness of breath and the tendency to squeal in excitement … SQUEEE!

For example, my niece went to Chicago to see an All American Rejects concert. After they parked and were walking toward the auditorium, the band’s big bus pulled up and started unloading. She got her picture taken with the lead singer, Tyson Ritter right there on the street! How cool!

Being an author, I am thrilled with how the internet has made our favorite authors so accessible. Almost all authors have active websites, complete with a “Contact Me” button. This past summer, I was having a really bad time of it in my writing world. I had finished a manuscript in April, and had submitted it to a publisher in May. I had high hopes for it. I’d done my homework and thought I'd written this story to be exactly what this publisher was looking for. In July I was in touch with an experienced published author who offered to read the manuscript for me and offer her critique. I sent it off to her, anxious to hear her feedback.

Unfortunately, the critique was brutal. In her attempts to make my manuscript better, she ripped it to shreds. Every paragraph or so, her red pen circled and crossed out, asking questions in the margin, wondering why I did this, why I did that. In the middle of one particularly sensitive scene, she wrote in capital letters, YUCK.

I was destroyed. My confidence in my own writing ability was gone. I had no idea if I would get past this and write another book. To help myself feel better, I pulled out the seven books of my all-time favorite author, Pat Conroy. I devoured them one by one, soaking in each of his words, each of his scenes. Although I’d read them all numerous times before, this time they healed my broken spirit. They made me remember why I love to write books and tell stories. If I could touch one reader the way his books have touched me, it is all worth it. After four months, I went back to my own writing and started a new manuscript. The joy of writing had returned for me, and I had him to thank.

I sent him a long, heartfelt email and guess what: he wrote back to me the very next day! He was so kind and generous – he told me that his most recent book had robbed him of his confidence as a writer for 8 months. He said books do it to all writers, and he was glad that I’d weathered my tsunami. I jumped up and down in my living room for five minutes straight yelling at the top my lungs: "OMG! OMG! OMG!" It was definitely my most memorable fangirl moment!

What about you? Leave me a comment and tell me what fangirl encounters you’ve had. What celebrities have you run into or gotten mail from? And how did it make you feel?

Laurie Larsen


Blaize said...

I love your Pat Conroy story, Laurie! How cool that he took the time to answer your email.

Probably my biggest 'fangirl' moment was right after the 1998 Winter Olympics when I got to sit in the front row (actually on the ice) for a Stars on Ice performance. Great skaters like Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton and Tara Lipinski were whizzing right past me. My feet were freezing but I was pretty excited!

Chris P said...

That is such a great story! I am so glad you were able to work through your confidence issues and continue writing!

I would say my best fangirl moment was when I went to the World Gymnastics competition! The most amazing gymnasts were there and it was so exciting to see them compete in person instead of watching on the TV.

Laurie Larsen said...

Thanks for the comments, Blaize and Chris! The last time I went to New York City my friend and I were turning a corner looking for a restaurant and there was the band, Five For Fighting playing a song on a platform on the sidewalk! They were filming an episode of the Today Show. It was such a NYC moment. Stuff like that never happens in my mid-western town!

Bri said...

I'm quite certain that I'm the definition of a fangirl, actually.

I look up everything I can about whatever I'm obsessing about.
Google is pretty much my best friend.

Blaize said...

LOL, Bri! I do the same thing. What did we do before Google?!

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