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Ten Nifty and Inexpensive Ways to Show Some Luv…

So whether you have a serious BF/GF or a new love, there are a ton of fresh and fabu ways to say I totally dig you!

Ten Nifty and Inexpensive Ways to Show Some Luv…

(Try one or two or, hey, go for the gold and try them all!)

1. Borrow his MP3 player and download 10 really romantic love songs.
2. Text him one word every hour from a really cool poem or song.
3. Buy pink, white, and red carnations and tape them to the (glass part) of his car.
4. Go to the craft store and (in the wedding section) buy a box of faux rose petals. Leave a trail to something special.
5. Write a poem or, if you’re musical, a love song.
6. Create a movie trailer from pictures of you two. Load it on You Tube (with royalty-free music).
7. Call all the radio stations in the area and dedicate a song (or songs).
8. Make a love scrapbook with mementos from your dates—concert and movie stubs, photos, and other things you’ve collected.
9. Create love coupons and present them to your beloved. For example: good for a back rub, or for romantic alone time with no TV or video games.
10. Find out his favorite thing to do and plan a day around it.


Blaize said...

Great ideas, Kitty! I especially love the movie trailer idea!

Anonymous said...

I like the texting one word an hour. How fun is that???

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Do something nice for your friends and family. Just something you don't normally do. :)

Amy said...

cool suggestions:) i like the first.