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Revealing Secrets

Today, I'm chatting with Terry Lee Wilde, brilliant author of Deidre's Secret coming soon from Climbing Rose--digital release is March 4 and print is April 17.

Thanks for stopping by, Terry--please tell us about Deidre Roux, the heroine of Deidre's Secret--is it true that Deidre knows martial arts?

When I was in the Army, I learned some hand-to-hand combat maneuvers, and my son as a teen became a 2nd-degree Black Belt in two forms of martial arts. My daughter started taking it, but preferred her brother showing her some of the techniques instead, which led to Deidre’s not taking up martial arts, but being taught by her brother instead. J
Do you prefer to write kick-butt heroines?

Yes! When I was a kid, a bully tried to force me off a sidewalk. I stood up to him, and got a fist in my face in response. He knocked me off my bicycle and I went home crying. J But it didn’t matter that I didn’t “win.” I stuck up for my rights. And I want my heroines to feel they don’t have to be cowed by others either. That they have rights, too. In my stories, the heroine wants to help the underdog also, who can’t help themselves, male or female.

My son was bullied in school, which was the reason I enrolled him in martial arts. To give him more confidence in dealing with bullies. He teaches and demonstrates martial arts when he has time while he’s in college. But years ago when I went to drop him off at kindergarten, a boy was kicking another who was sitting outside of the classroom. The boy who was being kicked, reminded me of my son. So I told the boy who was being bullied that he had cowboy boots on that would hurt a lot more if he kicked the boy back wearing the sneakers. I know, it wasn’t nice of me to say so. But the boy being kicked smiled at me and the bully’s eyes widened. You know what though? He quit kicking the other boy and hurried back into the classroom. J I don’t advocate violence in response, but the boy should have reported the bullying to his teacher. Often kids just put up with it though, suffering in silence. I substitute teach and have seen a girl exhibit the same kind of bullying behavior. Sad, but it’s the way of things, and we just have to stand up for ourselves

Can you give us a hint what Deidre's secret is?

She has special abilities. I love the paranormal, having read ghost stories and mythologies from around the world as a kid. I fell in love with Dracula when he was in a stage play at the local college while I was a teen. And The Vampire…In My Dreams, already out, is also about a girl who can not be easily influenced by a vampire’s charms. Why? She’s a witch.

So I love to empower my heroines with something that makes them special, even though they still get into tons of trouble. Lots of times because of their unique abilities!

Is Deidre's Secret a stand-alone novel or can we look forward to a series?

Hmm, spring break is coming up…and trouble is already brewing on the horizon. J
I've heard you like computer role-playing games, which ones are your favorites?

The Witcher, Star Wars, Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, Hero’s Quest, King’s Quest, Lands of Lore and more. They’re all role-playing games where a heroine (that’s me) is on multiple quests to right all kinds of wrongs. They’re mostly fantasy type games set in older worlds, but Star Wars is set in the future, of course.
Which character is most like you?

In the role-playing games, we can choose a character type and I usually pick a paladin—a fighter type who has some healing abilities, who epitomizes the knights of old—doing what’s chivalrous. Other kinds of character types are available, even someone who plays a darker character, thieves, wizards, just a whole slew of different possibilities. And you can go back in and play the game with another character type to see how different it is to solve the quests. For me, role-playing games are like reading a book, only I get to interact with the worlds and solve the quests myself…sometimes with disastrous results. I’ve learned to always save previous games!
You were in the military, weren't you? Can you tell us about your service?

I was a distinguished US Army ROTC graduate and served on active duty, then in the reserves until I retired as a lieutenant colonel. I loved seeing new places, and I was in the personnel field, so my job was helping others—the best of all worlds.
What was your favorite book when you were Deidre's age?

The Last of the Mohicans and I read tons of tales about Native Americans after that. But I also enjoyed Jack London’s White Fang and The Call of the Wild which gave me a special place in my heart for wolves.
Any last word for the teen writers and readers out there?

If you love to tell stories, write them down, and some day you might just be published too! Even if you’re not a storyteller at heart, I hope you enjoy reading and share your love of reading with others, too. J

Thanks for stopping by and if you have a chance, read Deidre’s Secret and tell me what you think! I love to hear from fans!

Thanks, Terry, I can't wait to read Deidre's Secret!


Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Terry,
Deidra's Secret sounds like something I would enjoy.

I can't stand the bullying at school and always told my students that bullies usually didn't feel good about themselves so to feel better they picked on other kids. My comment shocked some of the bullies.

When my children entered school, I ask one of the assistant principals what to tell my kids. He said if the bullying is aggressive for my kid to make sure to get in a good lick, one the bully wouldn't forget. Both kids would get in trouble but the situation probably wouldn't be repeated.

Like you, I don't like to promote hitting, etc. It's a double edged sword.

I have to admit, in my high school class one day I turned by back when a girl slapped the fire out of a boy who'd been pestering her for days. Nope, didn't see a thing.


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

LOL, Linda, you're Deidre's kind of teacher!!! And mine too! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a palladin too... Great interview. I can't believe you didn't read NEVER CRY WOLF, the naturalist work, and name it your favorite. ;) I loved it. But I'm a geeky scientist.

Skhye said...

Uh, that was me, Skhye, the boob who hit the enter button by accident! :)

Mary Ricksen said...

When I was a kid I was bullied. The kids always beat me up because I was short and geeky. (Still am! Ha!)
To this day schools have not got a handle on the bullying problem. It's so hard, but it does strengthen you.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

I love how you told that boy to kick back with his cowboy boots. LOL. I don't usually condone violence either, but sometimes...

My daughter's in high school and has faced bullying by other girls. Man, teenage girls are vicious. Luckily, my daughter's a tough cookie and flings the verbal assaults right back. For instance, one girl kept calling her fat (even though she's not) whenever she walked by her in the hallway, loudly enough for others to hear. Finally, having enough, my daughter flung back, "Well, I can always lose weight. You can't do anything about being ugly."

I wish I was that tough at her age.


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hey, Skhye, No never read that one. Woohoo for the paladins! :)

And Mary, I agree. :) Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hi! :)

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

LOL, Becky, I love your daughter's response. One time a a really cool guy shot spit wads at me in high school. My mother said a boy who liked her threw rocks at her. So I just turned around and gave the guy a coy smile and he gave me a big smile back and that was the last time he bothered me. I was terribly shy in school, so for me to do that took a lot of nerve. But sometimes the "bullying" is for a reason girls don't even recognize, nor can we comprehend!! And the guy just wanted me to recognize he existed!

Kitty Keswick said...

Great interview. I love the paranormal too and have a soft spot for wolves...never finished reading Call of the Wild. I didn't like to read in High School. But, I loved to write. I didn't see the connection until much later.

Good luck on your release.

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