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Great review for Fried, Scrambled & Unequally Yoked

Excerpt from a great review for Kimberlee R. Mendoza's Fried, Scrambled & Unequally Yoked:
This is a cute story about a first crush gone wrong. Kevin likes Janessa because she’s beautiful and popular, but he never takes the time to think about what kind of person she is. Turns out, she’s not his type at all. This story gets you thinking that it might be a good idea to jot down what qualities you do and don’t want in a relationship before you start dating someone. Kevin learns the hard way that doing something he doesn’t believe in just to please a girl is just plain dumb.

Pick up a print copy of Fried, Scrambled & Unequally Yoked today!

Fried, Scrambled And Unequally Yoked--now available in print!

The fourth book in the Russell Family series: Fried, Scambled and Unequally Yoked by Kimberlee R. Mendoza is now available in print! And in honor of its release, Kim has stopped by to chat about--what else--the number Four.

Thanks for coming, Kim, can you tell us four things that inspire you:
  1. A good movie. I watch something and it will trigger something in me.
  2. Conversations. I was a playwright first, which means I love dialogue. Listening to the way people talk can really inspire me to write a certain kind of character.
  3. God. I know that sounds trite, but it's true. I have a regular prayer life and things just come to me in those times.
  4. Classes and Conferences. I am always motivated after learning. Maybe that's why I went to school for 33 years :)
Name four movies you can watch over and over:
  1. The Matrix is my all time favorite movie. It has everything. Just love it.
  2. A Walk to Remember. I know critics hated it, but the love that man has for her is just so pure.
  3. Pretty in Pink. I'm an 80's girl and it reminds me of all things I loved about high school :)
  4. The Majestic with Jim Carrey. It is just such a feel good movie. I laugh, cry, just love how I feel in the end.
Name four people you admire:
  1. This a question I'm never good at most likely my answers will probably be odd. :) My mother. My father left her when I was 3. She raised me and was always a good role model.
  2. Mel Gibson. I know, weird, right? But he put up with so much negative press, but stayed true to his art and message. I have to admire him for that.
  3. The disciples in the Bible. Yeah, I'm strange. But they died for what they believed in. If only we all could be so strong in our convictions.
  4. This blind guy who was on American Idol the other night. He proved that having a handicap is no excuse to quit on your dream. I love that kind of stuff.
Name four foods you have to have around:
  1. Dark chocolate!!! In almost every drawer. It's a must have!
  2. Kettle corn. Salty and it.
  3. Low calorie snacks. I like to pretend to be doing the right thing.
  4. Asian food. It's my fave!
Name four books you've read more than once:
  1. I don't do that often, because I have soooo many on my shelf I haven't read yet. Let's see...Island of the Blue Dolphins.
  2. Three by Ted Dekker
  3. Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn
  4. The Bible--I went to Christian I've read it probably a 100 times :) Oh, and anything written by me...cuz I have to edit it a trillion times. LOL :)
And finally, how about four words that describe the Russell Family series:
  1. Using some of my book reviews, this is what they've said...Romantic
  2. Real
  3. Fast-Paced (whoops that's two words)
  4. Inspiring

In each of my books, I deal with tough issues teens face. Book one (Love Thy Sister, Guard Thy Man)was about sibling rivalry and first love; the second (Oh Brother, You're Not My Keeper), loss and rejection; Book three (Seek Ye First My Heart)was about insecurity and self-esteem; the fourth (Fried, Scrambled and Unequally Yoked) was peer pressure.

I like when reviewers say my characters are "real," because I want the reader to walk away feeling like they've met someone who is just like them. Who has dealt with the same things. The hardest journey I think is Fried, Scrambled and Unequally Yoked, because the character actually deals with life and death decisions. I just got a letter from a reader the other day who has been dealing with the angst of divorce. My books are helping her. That is the most precious gift I can ask for. It's why I write.

Kim, thanks so much for stopping by! Don't forget to visit Kim at her website and download a copy of Fried, Scrambled and Unequally Yoked from the Climbing Rose store or a grab a print copy from Amazon.

Fried, Scrambled and Unequally Yoked in print!

Fried, Scrambled and Unequally Yoked, the latest book in the Russell Family series by Kimberlee R. Mendoza is now available in print.

Get to know the family...Melena, Nick, Cassi and Kevin Russell


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Oh Brother, You're Not My Keeper (Nick's Story)Sixteen year old Nick Russell falls in love with high school outcast Sherry Park. After losing her in a tragic car accident, he decides to never love again. But when an unlikely foe captures his heart, he begins to change his mind. When his sister Melena finds out her brother is hanging out with her professor’s wild child, she puts on the breaks. Can Nick find happiness despite his sisters encumbering efforts? Will his heart ever heal?

Seek Ye First My Heart (Cassi's Story)Excited about running with the popular crowd and dating older guys, Cassi Russell can’t wait to start high school. But when her friend, Beth, blackballs her from the in-crowd, Cassi decides to get even. She sets her sights on Beth’s boyfriend, Kip Bryant,the quarterback. Her plan works beautifully, but not without a problem. Cassi never intended on falling for film geek, Neil Rosenberg; the first guy to ever see beyond her physical appearance. Now she must decide what is more important - revenge and popularity, or losing Neil’s friendship and love forever.

Fried, Scrambled, & Unequally Yoked (Kevin's Story)Living in a divorce situation has never been easy and lately Kevin Russell has begun feeling like the invisible sibling. So when gorgeous Janessa shows interest, he's hooked. But dating the wild girl will come at a high price that could cost him his dreams and possibly his life. Is he willing to take that risk just to feel loved? Or could there be something better right under his nose that will only cost him his heart?Want to read the series that got FIVE STARS across the board from Fallen Angel Reviews!