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12 Horses Prancing

Two days before Christmas, seventeen year-old Melinda Kent is bound for New York when a prankster hits her home, the Lucky Lake Ranch. Soon the welcome sign reads ‘ucky ake Ranch’ and other signs have been tampered with, including the ‘adies room’, the ‘riding trai s’, and the ‘stab es’, thus dubbing the thief, "the No-L Bandit".

This crook doesn't just steal ‘L's, but the spirit of the holidays. Melinda, with the help of the stable hand, Kyle, is on a quest to find who is responsible.

If only their attraction for each other didn’t get in the way...

The Noel Bandit by Sydney Shay, available from Climbing Rose of The Wild Rose Press.

What happened after their first kiss on New Years Eve?

The ‘L’s were restored, but romance keeps Lucky Lake from returning to normal. Natalie and Russ grow closer everyday, but while she looks out for their future, he only thinks of the ranch, which might close by the end of summer.

Russ's decision may be made for him. His father has given Natalie two weeks notice, placing her last day right after her birthday! Does Russ love her more than Lucky Lake? Will the loss of her job end their relationship forever?

Saddle Up, Sweetheart by Sydney Shay, available from Climbing Rose of The Wild Rose Press

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